Ryoko Kimura Art Works


木村了子(きむら・りょうこ)⇨ CV



Ryoko Kimura was born in Kyoto, Japan.Ryōko Kimura. Ryōko Kimura is a painter with wide-ranging knowledge and interest in Japan’s pictorial heritage, including Chinese-style landscapes, Zen Buddhist ink portraiture, and Ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints. At the same time, her works are unmistakably contemporary due to Kimura’s subject matter of choice, namely beautiful males, especially the movie idol and pop singer types commonly reproduced in Japanese teen girl magazines. Her work recalls the Edo-period Ukiyo-e pictorial tradition, with its obsessive focus on beautiful female entertainers, courtesans, and other paragons of womanly beauty, which she substitutes with images of beautiful young males placed in fantastic settings. Kimura also inserts humor into her work, rendering her male subjects in a cartoonish manga-style, and placing them in exaggerated poses, allowing her paintings to fluctuate between the erotic and the comic.