Ryoko Kimura Art Works


Love Simulation Game “BE MY MODEL”

“Be My Model” is an analog love simulation game (mainly for girls) which the audience can take part in using game books all while enjoying paintings on exhibit. You play the role of the main character. Put yourself in a romantic situation with one of the four good-looking men, all of whom are artists staying in Koganecho on an artist-in-residency program (see the pictures on the right). You will visit five places among the Koganecho Bazaar venues (see the map) following the suggested route, reading the story in the game books and enjoying the exhibitions along the way, aiming for a happy ending. Depending on the decisions you make, the story will end in different ways. What will become of your love affair? Join the game now and immerse yourself in this heart-pounding “love & art” story!


You visit the Koganecho Bazaar exhibition and meet four male artists. These young but up-and-coming artists, all of them extraordinarily good-looking, practice in oil painting, traditional Japanese painting, sculpture, and photography, using the human figure as their common subject matter. They ask you to become a model for them. Though hesitant, you accept their request, and the game begins. The more you get involved in the creation of their art, the more you are attracted to them. Can you transform yourself into a Muse, someone that means much more to the artists than just a model?