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* Group exhibition ”GOLD EXPERIENCE" in Seoul Korea
May 20 - June 6, 2010@Hyun Gallery.


Artists: Ryoko Kimura, Chion Lee, Hyunjoo Park, Noriyori Shirakawa, Jungduk Song, Masako Yasuki
organizes:HRD fine art / Support: Nomura Foundation

In this exhibition “Gold Experience,” we will present the works of artists from Japan and Korea, who not only study and exercise traditional techniques and method of applying gold leaf, but also try to digest its historical values and meanings and to integrate them into their own creation. Through their works, with wide variety in style and subject, we would like to cast refreshing light on the aspect of material and medium in contemporary painting, and to give the audience a good opportunity to question the notion of “new” painting in the 21st century, as well as to ponder over the messages, thoughts and ideals with which gold leaf has long been associated.

* Changed the link of my blog
I changed a link of the blog from KIMURA Ryoko Art Collections@blog to Art it SNS.
Art it SNS's blog is translated from Japanese into English automatically.
*ART iT shall accept no responsibility for problems or damage caused by errors in interpretation contained in auto-translated text.
The blog KIMURA Ryoko Art Collections@blog also continues. Please see the past articles here.

Thank you for coming !

KIMURA Ryoko:The Date for Marriage Hunting ? SUGOROKU Start! @KIDO Press, Inc.
3rd. April 2010 - 8th May 2010

The 6th Chinese Character Festival Making Waves Contemporary Art Exhibition 1th ~ 11th Janualy 2010 @National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Taipei Taiwan

2nd Art Auction Show 17th ~ 20th December 2009 @COEX Hall B1 Seoul Korea
seoul kanji

KIMURA Ryoko Solo Show "Born to be wild!" @ Beijing & Taipei.

* Some photographs of my show was added to following image. Please click the images each.

beijing taipei
Beijing                        Taipei

* Born to be WILD@ Mizuma & One Garelly (Beijing) 4th July−2th Augst 2009

* Born to be WILD@ Butchart international art space (Taipai) 21th Augst−13th September 2009