Japanese Pigments Paintings : NIHON-GA 2009

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Born to be WILD !

I created the works of five Tarzan with the animals.
and I add my own interpretation of the Chinese tradition "Wu Xing(Chinese: 五行)" of "Five elements" to the animals.

Inspired by the Five Heavenly creatures, I have created my own versions of the Azure Dragon (crocodile), Vermilion Bird (kite:red macaw), Qilin (giraffe), White Tiger (albino tiger), Black Tortoise (turtle and python).
Each pattern also symbolize; Azure Dragon = Wood, Qilin = Earth, Vermilion Bird = Fire, White Tiger = Metal, Black Tortoise = Water.

wild wild wild wild wild
wild wild
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, are all elements of nature.
Please have a look at each work about "Wild Tarzan" which refer to one of the five elements of nature.

Admiration of Handsome Men

I have created the pictures of Asian handsome men with the Asian flowers that represent the four seasons.

wild wild wild wild wild wild